Invicta™ is the only patented foam-based solution for the requirements of the fuel tank flammability reduction rule. Invicta™ brings aircraft into compliance with 25.981 and 121.1117 with minimal downtime. Designed with a light-weight, electrically conductive, reticulated polyurethane foam, Invitica™ is a three-dimensional skeletal matrix that suppresses ignition propagation caused by sparks including a lightning strike or static discharge.

Installation of the Invicta™ system offers:

• Zero failure mode
• Zero maintenance required
• Short-turn deliveries
• Single source responsibility for kit and installation

• On-site support provided
• Intermixing fleets with an existing OEM solution has no effect on flight crews or maintenance
• No flight crew training or involvement
• No ground crew training

Proven EASA, FAA & ANAC Certified Technology!
Choose the Original. Choose Invicta™

Why risk your aircraft on an imitation?

Over the years, our success has spurred a number of companies to claim their foam-based safety products are like Jetaire’s. While we at Jetaire understand imitation is the highest form of flattery, we would like to state what has been true since we designed Invicta™ more than 10 years ago: Invicta™ is the only patented foam-based safety solution to bring aircraft fuel systems into compliance with FAR 25.981.

Jetaire holds EASA and FAA Supplement Type Certificates for the installation of the Invicta™ Reticulated Foam for the Boeing family of 737, 757, and 767 aircraft and the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. There is no other company in the market with our scope and depth of the knowledge regarding our own patented technology.

When compared to nitrogen generation systems and fuel tank inerting systems, Jetaire’s Invicta™ Ignition Mitigation Technology (I2MT) historically provides significant economy, simplicity, and predictability. Jetaire also holds ANAC certifications for Boeing aircraft.

Invicta™ STCs

Boeing B737 (200-900) Installation of Invicta Mitigation/Flammability Reduction Technology in the Center Wing Tank (CWT)

Boeing B757 (200) Installation of Invicta Ignition Mitigation Means (IMM) in Center Wing Tank (CWT)

Boeing B767 (200-300) Installation of Invicta Ignition Mitigation Means (IMM) in the Center Wing Tank (CWT)

Airbus A320 (319-321) Installation of Invicta Ignition Mitigation / Flammability Reduction Technology in the Center Wing Tank (CWT)

Boeing B777 in progress

Airbus A330 in progress

ANAC Boeing 737 Series

Other validations available at customer request.