About Jetaire

Jetaire, established in 1984, is a full-service aircraft engineering firm providing the only patented and FAA-certified center tank flammability reduction and ignition mitigation solution – Invicta™! For 35 years, our engineering expertise, flexible manufacturing, and competitive pricing enable us to meet customer requirements for complex, highly reliable products. With more than 35 STCs, our experience proves it.

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Invicta™ is Proven Technology

Invicta™ is the only patented foam-based solution for the requirements of the fuel tank flammability reduction rule. Invicta™ brings aircraft into compliance with 25.981 and 121.1117 with minimal downtime. Invicta™ proven technology suppresses ignition propagation caused by sparks including a lightning strike or static discharge. Invicta™ proven technology has been in operation in aircraft since 2009.

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