D2C Conversions

Jetaire performed the full Engineering Certification Program Management, and Kit Manufacture of Class “D” to “C” cargo compartment smoke detection and fire suppression system for B727, B737, MD80, MD90 and L-1011 aircraft.

Originally designed at the request of Delta Air Lines, Jetaire was the first company to certify such a system, and since has sold over 1,000 modification kits to airlines and operators around the world. Our initial certification procedures were reviewed, and our flight tests were monitored by representatives from literally every Aircraft Certification Office in the FAA’s system. This initial certification became the standard the FAA has used to certify all similar systems. Our work earned us the respect of many high-level FAA personnel and was touted as an excellent example of the FAA learning from the industry.

Jetaire has STCs and provides complete installation kits for:

• MD-80 / DC-9 / MD-90 Series
• B727 Series
• B737-200/300/400/500

Jetaire is a full-service avionics and aircraft engineering firm. The combination of knowledge, expertise and experience allows us to meet the varied needs of our clients.

Jetaire’s engineering and technical service offerings include:

Systems Engineering
Design & Integration
Aircraft Electrical Systems & Avionics
Software Development & Integration
Mechanical Structures
Concurrent Engineering
Reverse Engineering
System Safety Analysis

Reliability & Maintainability
Technical Documentation
On-site Engineering Support
Rapid Prototyping
Installation Kit Development
Logistics Planning and Installation Support
System Performance Modeling
Structural and Electrical Load Analysis